Spider by oneQube™ – Real-Time Social Listening and Discovery


powerful real-time social databases.

YOUR AUDIENCE , CONSUMERS, & LEADS COME TO YOU. Analyzed, measured, and ranked by influence for engagement in a searchable database

Search Twitter 24/7 for the people & businesses you’re targeting. Gain insights about your brand, content, competitors, industry trends, and respond in real-time

Features that help you listen

Easily create a targeted conversational web using hashtags, keyword words & phrases, @names, links, demo/geo targeting and influencers. Track your audience & who’s interacting with your content or viral links. Monitor conversations about your show, events, brand, products & competitors. Real-time conversation analysis extracts and delivers people & businesses based on your exact search criteria. So you spend less time searching and more engaging.

See Your Data Come To Life

Introducing Observer. Gain insights fast! Take actions faster!

Observer was designed and built to solve a major pain point. We were tired of chasing our audience and tired of static analytics that say they’re real-time but aren’t.


With Observer, you can now understand every conversational attribute and create custom content, identify influencers, and target them with relevance to amplify your message – in real-time.

Second by second analytics enable you to see, understand, and engage in real-time trends, live events, broadcasts & conversation, and take action. Strategically grow your following and reach like never before!


What our awesome users are saying!

Jonathan Doe
Using Spider to strategically build our community has been game changing, and led to the Wallstreet Journal writing about our BitCoin launch.