Internet marketing

Google is said to be using about 200 search engine ranking factors although not all of them carry the same weight because some of them have more profound effects on a website as compared to others. This means that you can maximize your efforts in getting the perfect SEO score by just focusing on essential factors. This article shows some of the elements that your website should have to have a good SEO score.

Elements of a website that will improve its SEO score

High domain authority

The domain authority of a website is the number that is given to the website that shows how authoritative it is and it increases with the site’s age, quality of back-links, and SEO. Therefore, the higher the domain authority of a website is, the higher it will rank on SERPs. You can know the domain authority of your website by using research tools like Open Site Explorer, and you will have access to the information you need.

Good onsite content

Good content is vital when it comes to making your website search worthy. After all, the audience you attract will have the material to look at once they visit your site. Therefore, content plays an important role in search engines. SEO professionals will advise that good content will satisfy demand, and it will be easy to link it.


Technology has revolutionized, and that has led to Google to shift to mobile-first indexing. That basically means that the search engine can now see the mobile version of your site and it carries the same weight of importance as its desktop version. Due to this factor, you should ensure that the content on your website is responsive to mobile platforms to avoid any inconveniences for mobile users.

Outbound links

Your content should be linked to respectable authority sites to provide your readers with more information. This will not only increase the relevance of your content, but it will also send trust signals to multiple search engines, and that will improve your site’s SEO score. However, do not put too many links on your content because it may be overwhelming to the users.

The right keywords

Keywords are the foundation of all SEO efforts. You should pay attention to them when coming up with a search marketing campaign. When coming up with keywords, make a list of topics that are based on your niche. After that, identify related search items and check the keywords your competitors are using. That will guide you to choose the right keywords.